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/// Performance Based – We Believe In Having Skin In The Game

Contingency Fees Explanation

CoreComp Advisors is a performance-based organization that believes in providing value-added advisement far beyond what’s offered by typical consulting firms. We believe we should have “skin in the game” with our clients so they know we’re working in their best interests.

As your business partner, our compensation is self-funded and based on results. If your organization qualifies for our program, you only pay a small percentage of the sales increase. This performance fee can also be fixed fee based on reaching target goals for sales, securing new clients, non-profit fundraising levels, etc.

Marketing Strategy

There is no fee schedule for our performance-based consulting arrangement. Instead, our compensation is usually a percentage of growth or other metric of success that we mutually agree upon. There is no limit to the time and effort we expend to achieve your outcome: We work hand-in-hand with our client-partner. 

 Our Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, there is no fee.


If your business is approved for our program with PartnerOne, you will never again have to pay for your TV-commercial production, marketing plans, websites, copywriting, graphic work, ad planning and buying, viral campaigns, social media, mobile advertising, PR, SEO, and all the legal fees to make sure your advertising complies with all laws and regulations.

Our Guarantee. If your sales don’t go up, there is no fee.

Expense Reduction

CoreComp Advisors works with its partner, Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), under a unique performance-based-fee model. Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the savings we find, so we’re motivated to maximize those savings. Our ERA clients achieve an average savings of 19.7%. 

Our Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, there is no fee.

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